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As a responsible operator, BP is committed to delivering high quality, high value services and to establishing a sustainable and distinctive presence in Oman. BP is a major new investor in Oman, bringing pioneering technology and experience to develop one of the Middle East’s largest unconventional gas resources in Block 61.

As such, BP is committed to building long term relationships with suppliers based on quality performance and high-value goods and services.

We therefore invite international, regional and local contractors and suppliers interested in supporting this development to register as a potential qualified vendor so that your companies are considered as we enter into sourcing events for goods or services.

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Request for Contact Details – Low Value Materials and Services (LVMS)

BP is seeking contact details from companies interested in acting as a procurement service provider for all Low Value Materials and Services (LVMS) in support of the Khazzan project. This scope will be further described in a sourcing event, the first stage of which will be an Expression of Interest (EOI), issued through BP’s sourcing system, Ariba OneSource.

Responses are invited from companies able to provide and complete the following high level scope.

High Level Scope - Low Value Materials and Services (LVMS)
The selected contractor will be expected to purchase various non-critical Low Value Materials and Services (LVMS) on behalf of BP. Examples include low value IT goods, consumables, subscriptions, short term consultants and training providers.

For clarity under the proposed system BP will place an order with the selected contractor for a material / service, and the contractor will in turn place a subcontract for that particular material / service.
In some instances BP will require that the material / service be purchased from a particular subcontractor. Where this is not the case the selected contractor will be expected to use their knowledge of the local market to source the material / service.

The selected contractor will be expected to begin in September 2014 and continue at varying activity levels through to June 2017.

Contact Details Required
If you wish to receive an EOI for this scope, please respond to khazzanpscm@uk.bp.com by 12:00pm (noon) Oman time on Wednesday 16th April 2014 with contact details of a company representative able to deliver a response through Ariba. The contact details required are:

• Company Name (legal entity which would pre-qualify for this work)
• Business Address:
• Country
• Contact Number (for the person who will respond to this and other requests in Ariba OneSource)
• Contact Name
• Job Title
• Mobile / Cell Number
• Email
• HQ Address (if different from company name above)

Please ensure your email response is entitled ‘Request for Contact Details – Low Value Materials and Services (LVMS)’. Please only respond to this request if you are interested in receiving an EOI for this scope of work. You do not need to respond or decline if this is out of your scope.

Disclaimer: This description should be used for guidance only, and BP reserves the right to change this information or withdraw it completely at any time. Any responses received after the due date stated shall not be considered.