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As a responsible operator, BP is committed to delivering high quality, high value services and to establishing a sustainable and distinctive presence in Oman. BP is a major new investor in Oman, bringing pioneering technology and experience to develop one of the Middle East’s largest unconventional gas resources in Block 61.

As such, BP is committed to building long term relationships with suppliers based on quality performance and high-value goods and services.

We therefore invite international, regional and local contractors and suppliers interested in supporting this development to register as a potential qualified vendor so that your companies are considered as we enter into sourcing events for goods or services.

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Request For Information - Khazzan Tier1 and Tier 2 Oil Spill Response Contractor

EOI - Khazzan Tier1 and Tier 2 Oil Spill Response Contractor


BP Exploration (Epsilon) Limited, is investigating the development of the Khazzan tight gas field within Block 61 in Oman, approximately 350km southwest of Muscat. Although Block 61 covers an area of 2800km2, the Khazzan Project will develop the south of Block 61 that covers an area of approximately 1544km2. Block 61 will be developed in a series of projects and the Khazzan Project represents the first development.
The business objective of the Khazzan Project is to develop and operate a 29.8 million Sm3/d (1,050MMscfd) tight gas development in Block 61. The target start-up will be in 2017 with a 30 year operating period with a possible 10 year extension.
The Khazzan Project includes:
• A Central Processing Facility (CPF) with a designed throughput of 30 million Sm3/d (1,050MMscfd) of gas, constructed in two identical 15 million Sm3/d (525MMscfd) trains.
• A substantial Gathering Wells and Export System (GWES) accessing the Barik and Amin reservoirs. These will collect and deliver the multi-phase fluids from approximately 300 well sites, to the CPF via a gathering network approximately 420km in length.
• The associated infrastructure system to support the Project during each phase including the ongoing drilling programme and gathering system development. This will include BP Operations bases, residential complexes, drilling support / logistics base, drilling camps, contractor compounds, power distribution, telecommunications, sewage treatment, waste handling and roads.


BP has prepared an Oil Spill Contingency plan for the Khazzan project. The plan categorises oil spill incidents into three tiers, based upon the level of response required and scale of the incident:
- Tier 1: Local/minor spill that can be dealt with using non-specialised equipment onsite, e.g. with absorbent pads.
- Tier 2: An incident that is greater than a Tier 1 event in terms of its scale and impact and will require greater expertise and resources for response and clean up and will likely require support from a regional specialist contractor.
- Tier 3: An incident with a potential for widespread impact that will likely overwhelm local and regional response capability.

Scope of Work

The Khazzan project is looking to engage an Oil Spill Response (OSR) contractor capable of supporting BP for any Tier 1 and Tier 2 OSR events. Support for Tier 3 events will not be required under this contract. More specifically, the contractor will need to be able to:
• Provide BP with standard Tier 1 OSR equipment and replenish stocks where applicable.
• Provide BP with standard Tier 2 OSR equipment and replenish/maintain stocks and equipment where applicable.
• Support BP in response to a Tier 2 event at any time, in terms of supply of additional Tier 2 equipment to the impacted area and through offering support and expertise in the field by on-call OSR specialists.

Equipment and Response Strategy

Tier 1 spill kits

During the construction and the drilling phase of the project, there will be many locations across Block 61(approximately 10) that will require a standard Tier 1 spill kit to be available and maintained onsite in order to mediate any small scale oil spills (predominantly diesel). As a guide, a standard Tier 1 spill kit shall include sorbent pads, recovery drums, and some tools. BP will also require these kits to be maintained, inspected and replenished on a regular basis by the OSR contractor.

Tier 2 spill equipment and response

BP will also require the OSR contractor to supply and maintain equipment suitable for responding to a Tier 2 event. A typical Tier 2 equipment kit shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, booms, pumps, sorbents, tools and skimmers. BP will require up to two of these Tier 2 kits to be available, with at least one dedicated for project use and based at a central location in Block 61. BP will also require this equipment to be maintained, inspected and replenished on a regular basis by the OSR contractor.
Should a Tier 2 event occur, the OSR contractor shall support BP in the field, bringing in OSR expertise and additional equipment where deemed necessary, and if necessary, to assist with any remediation activities.


Applicants should note that BP is committed to deliver safe, reliable and efficient operations wherever we operate. Our HSSE performance is critical and our commitment is clear: “no accidents, no harm to people, and no damage to the environment”. This commitment applies equally to anyone working in or around Khazzan Project operations, including contractors and third party suppliers.
Khazzan Project defines HSSE as a line management responsibility, and expects leaders to lead and set an example to the workforce under their control. The Khazzan Project will require the contractor senior managers to take direct responsibility for the HSSE performance of their own workforce and to ensure that their subcontractors are required to accept the same level of responsibility for their own workforce.
An Authorisation to Operate (ATO) process will apply to the work. ATO is a process where the contractor representative and company representative and other relevant personnel of the parties meet, before mobilisation, and review the contract and the HSSE plan to verify that contractor has the processes and procedures, the equipment and the necessary skilled, competent personnel to safely perform the work as required by the contract. The contractor shall conform to the ATO prior to the pre start-up safety meeting.

Contact Details Required:

If you wish to receive an EOI for this scope, please respond to khazzanpscm@uk.bp.com by 17:00pm UK time on 4th July 2014 with contact details of a company representative able to deliver a response through Ariba. The contact details required are:
•Company Name (legal entity which would pre-qualify for this work)
•Business Address:
•Contact Number (for the person who will respond to this and other requests in Ariba OneSource)
•Contact Name
•Job Title
•Mobile / Cell Number
•HQ Address (if different from company name above) Please ensure your email response is entitled ‘Request for Contact Details – Tier1 and Tier 2 Oil Spill Response.
Please only respond to this request if you are interested in receiving an EOI for this scope of work. You do not need to respond or decline if this is out of your scope.

Disclaimer: This description should be used for guidance only, and BP reserves the right to change this information or withdraw it completely at any time. Any responses received after the due date stated shall not be considered.